Why I love my EDC Brainstorming Kit: the Sticky "Static Notes" and the Post-it app #hackyourself

I have been using static notes for a number of years. I plan using them for my table top videos on my channel fast & curious on YouTube. The static notes could be used as visual references, hashtags, brands, products, pros&cons.

So hey, why not create a table top review about the static notes as a first prototype run. In addition to a quick overview on sticky notes and static notes, I slipped in my EDC kit. Small static notes I keep in my wallet as well as the cute but ultra capable Victorinox Signature mini swiss army knife. The Signature includes a ball pen and with the nail file opened, the Victorinox transforms into a really nice and ergonomic pen. I love using it. 

The final WOW factor is the 3M Post-it app. Just snapping photos of your brainstorm outcome is great. But being able to scan all static notes, save them as a boards, move each note individually, running a great OCR text recognition is just incredible. You can export your board and your notes as a JPG image, as a presentation (PowerPoint & co), as a Doc / PDF and even as a spreadsheet or feed them into a database.

The app is free! (Google Play, Apple App Store) 3M continues to improve this gem. At first, the app only used a certain size of notes. Now they take all shapes and sizes for example. The OCR is so much better than I remember when I discovered the app about 2 years ago.

Check out the story on wikipedia of how 3M people invented the post-its. Fascinating.

Innox by Innotools  (Finland) Innox were the first static notes I found and used.

Kolma static notes (Switzerland) I love the small ones as EDC in my wallet

Magnetoplan Static Notes (the smalles ones are 10x10cm, too big for me, great for whiteboards)

StaticMagnetic "Magnetic Notes" (found them when researching for this post)

Have fun.