All my EDC pens - a very nice way to hack myself

I want lightweight and small pens, yet fun to use. Hence my current choices:

  1. Kaweco Frosted Sport in Natural Coconut with a calligraphy nib size 1.1 Unusual choice of nib, yet I discovered that with such a wide nib my writing transforms, I get easily in a nice flow. Best of all, it looks much nicer and is far more readable than with ball pens or gel pens. 
  2. Victorinox Signature, the mini swiss army knife with a great ball pen. 25 gr, 5.8cms long, fully extended by openeing thenail file transforms the SAK into an ergonomic 10 cm lenght. I have carried such a mini SAK with a pen for a number of years and I love the tool and I love the pen.
    The Victorinox Signature is just a great multi tool you can wear on a key chain. And it has a fantastic ball pen that costs less than 3€ / $ to replace the mine when empty. Everytime I use it, people can't help to notice and ask about this cute little think.
  3. EDC pencil hack: an old short used up stubby pencil with a cap of an old pen of a bout 6cm and 5grams. The cap protects the pencil from breaking. Posting the cap makes the ultra short pencil usable by extending  the overall length to about 10.5cms. Similar idea to pocket pens like the Kaweco Sports.
    Runner up pencil is the Perfect Pencil by Faber Castell. The cap is heavier and has a clip. It also features an integrated sharpener. Therefore I might choose the Perfect Pencil cap for my stubby pencil on longer trips when a sharpener might be needed. This cap is a bit like a multi tool pencil. The very nice pencil of the Faber-Castell package is just too long to carry it in a pocket. Combining the cap with a stubby works great.

Runner ups
Multi pens like Pentel 8 and Uniball Jetstream 3&1. Both a mix of rollerball pens and mechanical pencils. Love the variaty, design and ergonomics of the Pentel 8. Love the writing with the Jetstream. Love the price and simplicity of the BIC 3+1. But multi pens are difficult to wear in a pocket. They are long and potentially painful ;-) Great for bags however. 
Writing with them is a mixed bag. My preference clearly is for the Jetstream, 1mm or larger. But I now much prefer fountain pens.
Same for any mechaincal pencil.They are either too long, too heavy, too thick or all of the above. A normal old school pencil is super light weight and with a cap works great as an EDC writing tool.