Obsessive multi tool weight saving for minimalists: 1/4 bit holder or torque adapters for 5mm Allen Keys

This is a bit of a weird one for minimalists: bit holder adapters for 5mm wrenches.

Two manufacturers: Topeak & PB Swiss Tools (possibly more?) 

  1. Topeak offers 4 Nm, 5 Nm and 6 Nm torque socket adapters called TorqSockets. They are only offered in Torqbox sets which is why searching for such adapters is a bit confusing. The TorqBox come with a female Hex5 to be used with the most commonly used 5mm Allen key.  Each box comes with the same five bits, T25, T20, Hex5, 4, 3. The TorqBox adapters are easily confused with the nearly identical TorqBits that have a male 1/4 hex shank for bit ratches and screwdrivers*. Following images are linked from the Topeak website.
    1. Nano TorqBox 4 Nm. All the fixed Nm have a click and weigh about 18g. The "preset 4Nm TorqSocket kit will work with any mini tool containing a 5 mm Allen wrench (or single 5 mm Allen wrench). It has an advanced torque limit release design.."

    2. Nano TorqBox 5 Nm (see deztailed description above )

    3. Nano TorqBox 6 Nm 

    4. Nano TorqBox DX "tool set consists of 4 / 5 / 6Nm TorqSockets that will work with any mini tool containing a 5 mm Allen wrench (or single 5 mm Allen wrench)"

    5. Nano TorqBox X "The most compact adjustable torque socket available. Works with a 5mm Allen wrench or any mini-tool with a 5mm Allen key" Torque range 2-6 Nm.
      It weighs about 60g and work with a visual Nm indication. I broke mine by unintentionally overtorqueing it. Not only did I break the Topeak adapter, but also the bike stem - stupid me. If you are interested in the tool, just always remember, that unlike the other TorqBox adapters, there is no limit, no sound or click. You simply have the visual indicator!

  2. PB Swiss Tools / Victorinox Bike Tool (sometimes the Victorinox logo on the tire lever is mentioning "by PB Swiss Tools", sometimes not). PB Swiss Tools is regarded as one of the premium hand tool manufacturers like screwdrivers, screwdriver ratches, Allen keys, bit sets...
    1. PB 470 M The super light weight adapter (9g!!!) as spare part (I couldn't find a similar Victorinox spare part) "Adapter hexagon 5 mm -> PrecisionBits C6 (1/4") for BikeTool PB 470. Stainless steel adapter for combining key L-wrenches and bits for practical screwdriving tools" (following photos are linked from the website of PB Swiss Tools)

      PB 470 M

    2. PB 470 The Tool set including the adapter. Comes in a variety of colours.

    3. Victorinox Bike Tool PB 470 (discontinued). [I assume that PB Swiss Tools is also producing the normal 1/4 bit wrench and the Victorinox ratchet.]

Victorinox Cyber Tool Hack and other 4mm bit drivers

You could use both the Victorinox TorqSocket adapters and the PB Swiss Tool 470 socket as bit holder adapters. They are lightweight (aside from the TorqSocket X). As most 4mm precision driver sets are also including a Hex5 micro bit, this can then serve as the key for the socket adapters. All you need is to select a few 1/4 inch bits, and a small box like aTorqBox or a bit magazine and you are ready to go.

The Victorinox Cyber Tool needs an additional hack. The bit driver of the SAK does not include a magnet because of the ball retention. Although Victorinox could include a magnet as an addtional, complementary holding mechanism as  - in my opinion - there is nothing that prevents or excludes such a double retention.
  • Either you glue a 2 or 3mm magnet to the Hex5 4mm bit.
  • Or you insert a 1mm or 2mm magnet in the bit holder. A 3mm is probably too tall and would then prevent the ball retention from functioning.
By then selecting a Victorinox TorqSocket, not only would you then have a lightweight bit holder adapter for your Cyber Tool, but also a torque adapter!

1/4 inch bit holders with a 1/4 bit inch "shank"

The TorqBits can be purchased individually without additional bits, or as a set (DX) or as adaptable torq setting (X). They look very similar to the TorqSockets and can be easily confused. However for weight weenies, these are excellent preset torque "bit holders", weighing around 20g, similar to usual standard bit holders. Thereofre they are included in this post, although they are not operable with H5 Allen keys.

*TorqBits can be purchased in similar box sets as the TorqBoxes (TorqSockets) as well as TorqBars, Ratchet Rocket Lite sets. 

The TorqBars are wrenches, not ratchets! In case that form factor with a ratcheting function is interesting to you, I would recommend the Torq Sticks, specifically the "smaller" one as it is lightweight enough to take it on bike trips.

The Ratchet Rocket Lite sets are interesing for weight weenies becuase they also include the minimalistic chain tool. That chain tool has a 1/4 female hex socket. Though it can be purchased with the Ratchet Rocket Lite sets, I couldn't find that part as a spare on Topeaks' website. The Amazon listing is unavailable (as of publishing this blog post).

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