Greatest hack "for" the Victorinox Cyber Tool? 1/4 bit adapter without modifying the Swiss Army Knife

This is a simple hack with standard parts. Cheap, quite small and very lightweight. My hack does not need to a magnet in the Cyber Tool driver. * 

Two items are needed for the external bit adapter hack:

  1. a simple 1/4" bitholder. Any cheap one should do. Take an older one if you can as the 1/4" driver may already be a bit loose.
  2. a 1/4" to 4mm bit adapter


  1. Separate the 1/4 male driver from the bitholder
  2. Insert the 4mm bit adapter instead of the 1/4 inch driver
  3. Give it a whack to secure the bit adapter in place
  4. Select the Hex 4 bit of the Cyber Tool
  5. Slip the new bit adapter over the 4mm bit of the Cyber Tool. 
  6. As the 4mm bit adapter is magnetic, it all is neatly connected
  7. choose any 1/4 inch bit :-) 

Et voilĂ 

Caveat: drivers of newer bitholders might not be easy to extract. If you have ideas how to facilitate the separation, please feel free to leave a comment!

* Inserting a small 1mm or 2mm magnet is a well known hack to be able to use 4mm micro bits (precision bits) with the Cyber Tool bit driver. Both hacks are compatible. They do not prevent each other from funtioning. In fact, my Cyber Tool M has a 1mm magnet. For the Cyber Tool L I have used a 2mm magnet. They have no influence on the bit adapter hack as the Hex 4 Victorinox is secured with the ball retention mechanism and the bit adapter is magnetic and therefore locks on to the Victorinox bit in a reverse functional way.